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We create insight driven, adoptable experiences.

Our hypothesis, approaches and designs are always insight driven. We are generating those insights via data extraction or scientific research methods.

We focus on the "why" of the problem in the design thinking process, while we focus on the "how" of the problem with Agile project management principles. That makes our creation process open for iteration. Our assumptions are open always for iteration. Even this manifesto will be iterating itself according to

upcoming developments (so stay tuned!) Fostering live testing environments is a habit for us.

The ventures either our customers or ourselves launched, initiate innovation through high growth and user acceptance. We are seeking impact driven shifts and changes to drive innovation.

Dogma Alares is our parent company. Formed with domain expert strategy consultants, machine learning engineers and developers. For the first 2 years of DA, we -DASH (as service design pillar)- worked as one agile team. Now we leverage those competences.

Open innovation is not a buzz word. Creating a fast moving and engaging ecosystem around DASH is our secret sauce. We are leveraging the best experts and products around us.

If we create an outstanding experience for our customers, we make sure to put a meaningful data infrastructure around it. To sustain and leverage it.

We are a team formed with service designers, visual designers, UX/UI designers, business & growth designers and researchers aiming to always proudly stand behind our work.

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