Omnichannel Distribution
Due to continuous changes in customer expectations and arising opportunities for cost control, companies usually revisit how they distribute products and services to their customers in every few years. Distribution outlet roles and remote servicing scope are some of the areas that need optimisation in this respect. Rather than siloed approach for each channel, we put customer journeys in the middle of our approach and design future states of channels with the objective of improving overall customer experience. Our service designers and strategy consultants together design new omnichannel distribution models that are customer centric, effective in sales, cost efficient and easy-to-manage.
Strategy Consulting
Experience & Service Design
Physical Footprint
With the greater adoption of e-commerce, physical outlets are on the verge of evolving from full-stack sales and service points to local contact centres with some sales and service capabilities. Same questions asked yesterday need to be asked today as well - such as how many physical outlets should there be, where should they be located and in which formats should they be. Contrary to yesterday, some of today's answers to these questions can be given with much higher accuracy through availability of more data and ability to process them with machine learning methodologies.
Strategy Consulting
Machine Learning & AI Teams
Contact Centre and Chat Channel
Role of contact centres has evolved several times over the decades - from partial service outlets over phone to full scale remote sales and servicing hubs. Phone is still the dominant contact method but others, e.g. chat, are emerging across industries. Creating efficient structures considering multiple contact methods in contact centres is very important for both cost and customer satisfaction perspectives. We create cross functional teams with necessary skills to solve the problems related to both business, customer experience and technology in order to design winning transformation programs for contact centres.
Strategy Consulting
Experience & Service Design
New Digital Technologies
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