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Career Opportunities 
In Dogma Alares, with our different talent profiles, we are building the next-generation strategy consulting culture. 
Required Competencies
Academic excellence is a prerequisite for joining Dogma Alares. Extensive experience and expertise will be a determining factor in hiring. We look for candidates who have made significant impact in their previous roles/lives or have clear goals to thrive in consulting.

We believe that the following competencies are what make consultants thrive:

  • Appetite and ability for problem solving
  • Willingness to dive into data and drive conclusions by using analytical methods
  • Ability to deliver one's personal responsibilities while inspiring others to deliver theirs
  • Ability to organize one’s life to have a sustainable work-life balance
  • Communicate issues and results in a clear and objective way
  • Having the leadership skills to own, resolve and deliver results around tough problems

Additional expectations from Experienced Hires:
  • Functional and industry expertise
  • Demonstrated leadership experience at your previous company
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