Performance Management
Performance management by itself plays a key role in meeting business unit targets for companies. It includes a series of interdependent steps including defining target-receiving entities and processes, defining target items, determining target values, measuring and monitoring target realisations, evaluation and delivering performance realisations, and linking outputs to compensation and career advancements. We believe this series of steps are difficult to excel with only strategy consultants involvement. While keeping our strategy consultants at the core, we accompany them with service designers to design the end-to-end employee experience and produce winning solutions for both ends, namely target takers and givers.
Strategy Consulting
Experience & Service Design
People Analytics
One of the emerging uses of analytics lies in the human resources domain. It is possible to model many situations and to make more to-the-point business decisions including recruitment, personnel assignment, productivity measurement, employee retention, etc. Using machine learning methodologies, we develop models to predict outcomes related to own employees and design the business framework around those models. Usually the designed framework includes different treatments for employees, which needs involvement of service design domain to differentiate based on personas and to improve overall employee experience.
Strategy Consulting
Experience & Service Design
Machine Learning & AI Teams
Employee Experience
Companies need to attract and retain talents of required quality in order to stay competitive in their industries. With the involvement of younger generations in the workforce and increased digitisation, employee experiences generally need to be rethought to achieve these objectives. We position service designers in the centre of our engagements, while strategy consultants define the overall frame with management point of view.
Strategy Consulting
Experience & Service Design
Hybrid Working Model
One of the permanent effects of COVID-19 will be how companies define their interpretation of future of work with the widespread adoption of remote working. We develop custom tailored solutions for our clients to maximise employee productivity while protecting company culture and ensuring seamless employee experience. We redefine on-site work conduct, remote work conduct and implications of these on organisation and governance structures. Our service design experts adapt employee journeys starting with recruitment until end of employment to this new hybrid working model.
Strategy Consulting
Experience & Service Design
Business Agility
Applying agile methodology in organisations can have commonly known great benefits. However, the risks associated with this transition are generally underestimated. Culture and organisation readiness play key roles in the selection of correct agile methodology. Applying no-fit agile methodologies can decrease productivity in the long term with more re-works, slow down people development with less master-apprentice relation and create incompatible business functions with each other. Our approach to define the agile methodology fitting to the context of the organisation starts with defining shared purpose across organisation and drills down to smallest possible cells in the organisation with mutually exclusive common specific purposes, namely squads. Every role in the organisation does not need to have a mutually exclusive specific purpose, therefore certain roles can be left out agile methodology. We design the new agile structure according to culture and organisation readiness. We go through role by role and define the requirements of new way of working in terms of processes, autonomy levels, facility implications and tools to collaborate.
Strategy Consulting
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