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Corporate Strategy
In rapidly changing business environment with macroeconomic conditions and increasing disruption and commoditization threats with evolving customer expectations, banks need winning strategies to outpace competition. Using data driven top-down approaches, we work with our clients to set their strategic objectives, define right business mix, identify areas for growth and investments. Our engagements will produce long-term business plans with clear set of strategic initiatives and detailed implementation roadmaps.
Strategy Consulting
Business Unit Strategy and Operating Model
Day-to-day management of the business with usually diverse responsibilities takes a big chunk of business unit leaders' time. These leaders typically need to rethink their strategies in each 3-5 years and to plan the years ahead. We help leaders of lines of businesses in property & casualty, health, life,  pension and assistance services grow their businesses profitably in a constantly changing business environment. Through our deep industry knowledge, bottom-up data driven approaches and shoulder-to-shoulder work with our clients, we produce winning plans for business units. Rather than planning year(s) long projects, we focus on short-term value creation with further value scaling in the long-term.
Strategy Consulting
Investment Decision Support and Commercial Due Diligence
Insurtech ecosystem is growing all around the world. Leading insurers across geographies are either investing in or making partnerships with many smaller firms and start-ups in order to either diversify their future cash flow or increase their competitive positioning in their core businesses. We help our clients make correct investment decisions for these ancillary businesses. We make inside out analyses about target company's financial forecasts, business model, market, competition and internal capabilities. Our recommendations will be unbiased and beyond traditional corporate finance view.
Strategy Consulting
Program Management
Insurers may require central management for a wide array of programs such transformation, post merger integration, business turnaround or crisis management as in the case of COVID-19. A central program management office that lays down the activities and portfolio of decisions going forward, brings together top management and related stakeholders for expedited decision making and performs overall monitoring of the program in terms of speed and quality is required in most such cases. Our observations suggest that similar temporary organisations generally deemphasise culture and change management parts in overall effort, which are, in our opinion, essential for the success of intended change. We bring years of experience in managing different types of programs to our clients and greatly increase the odds of intended changes being adopted in the organisation as smooth and fast as possible.
Strategy Consulting
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