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Centralisation and Decentralisation
Insurers find different uses in both central and decentral operations setup. There is no magical solution that fits the needs of all insurers. We help our clients to define the ideal mix of central and decentral split of operational activities considering needs of different lines of businesses and customer types. In line with the operations strategy, we design the engine for crowd-sourced back-office operations for both central and decentral activities. Our engagements create significant FTE savings.
Strategy Consulting
Cognitive Automation
Cognitive automation is an emerging area, in which massive unstructured data can be interpreted and used in business process and decisions. Customer information such as financial statements is a good example of massive unstructured data. Natural language processing, text analytics, semantic technology and machine learning algorithms are used in cognitive automation. We setup teams consisting of both machine learning engineers and strategy consultants to define and develop the required cognitive automation tools. Our technology team is generally end-to-end involved to ensure implementation success.
Strategy Consulting
Machine Learning & AI Teams
New Digital Technologies
Robotic Process automation (RPA)
Significant FTE savings are possible with adoption of RPA practices, which are easy to understand in terms of macro-scripts and workflow automation rules and easy to implement. With a broader perspective we define and prioritise the areas, where RPA can create value and we help our clients implement the new automation practices.
Strategy Consulting
New Digital Technologies
With the ongoing shift in global supply chains following COVID-19, certain previous practices are becoming obsolete and importance of procurement is increasing in order to contain costs for organisations. We help our clients throughout the overall source-to-pay journey including spend category strategy definition, vendor management, placing and receiving orders, processing invoices and payments and analytics along these steps. With the advancement of technology both in terms of data capture and processing made previously non-automatable activities automatable. We define the areas of automation potential in order first to increase standardisation in decisions and second to realise FTE savings. Our technology team is generally end-to-end involved to ensure implementation success.
Strategy Consulting
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