Agency Network
Agency network is the backbone of distribution for most insurers. In order to maximise the effectiveness of this network, we answer many questions during our engagements such as what should the geographic distribution of agency network be, how should the agencies be acquired and managed, what kind of support they need to excel at what they are doing. Our teams consisting of both strategy consultants and service designers enable us to develop solutions that also improves customer experience with the agency and insurer.
Strategy Consulting
Experience & Service Design
We identify opportunities for higher integration and collaboration between banks and insurers. Our objectives are to minimise leakages in new sales and renewals and to improve portfolio quality and profitability of the system as a whole. Our engagements produce win-win structures for all parties including pre-sales, sales and after-sales steps. Our service design team focuses on customer experience and provides inputs to how the structure should function along these steps.
Strategy Consulting
Experience & Service Design
Digital Value Proposition
Our design studio consisting of service and UI/UX designers has years of expertise in designing digital sales and service experiences. We position our designers in the centre of our engagements and support them with strategy consultants to design the business structure based on our clients' needs. Our technology team is generally end-to-end involved to ensure implementation success.
Strategy Consulting
Experience & Service Design
New Digital Technologies
Corporate Entrepreneurship and New Digital Venture Setup
Similar to most businesses, in today's democratised business environment, insurers intend to create new side businesses to diversify their revenue streams. Establishing a corporate start-up is, in most cases, not very different compared to individual start-ups. Main advantage of a corporate start-ups is its access to significant initial funding and knowledge from its parent, which is mostly its greatest disadvantage. This is because corporate point of view and bureaucracy may undermine the real potential of the idea. This is where we come into play. From ideation to the start of execution, we bring our entrepreneurial culture with a blended team of strategists, service designers, ex-entrepreneurs and even developers to create the turn-key start-up aligned with corporate strategies with highest odds of success.
Strategy Consulting
Experience & Service Design
Machine Learning & AI Teams
New Digital Technologies
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