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Claims Management
Insurers need to make health checks for their claims operations once in every few years due to rapidly changing business environments. We identify leakage areas with proven methodologies and design swim lanes in claim handling to ensure efficiency without sacrificing control. We also bring service designers to our engagements to improve customer experience in end-to-end claims process.
Strategy Consulting
Experience & Service Design
Fraud Detection
Some lines of businesses like motor are more suspectable to fraudulent claim applications. We blend business rules and predictive fraud detection models in our approach based on our clients' needs. The outputs of designed fraud detection system will fit perfectly to claim handling processes with necessary adjustments.
Strategy Consulting
Machine Learning & AI Teams
Network Management
Optimal network structures are required to contain claim costs with the inclusion of all stakeholders, such as adjusters, repair shops, hospitals, assistance service partners and even sales channels. We formulate the network strategy based on product portfolio and design the structure in terms of processes and organisation. We make necessary connections in our engagements between network and underwriting to create a closed feedback loop for continuous improvements.
Strategy Consulting
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