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Path Forward to 
Next Generation 
Our motto is challenging the dogmas.
We are helping the organisations with different skill sets discuss the unspoken, probe what is unwittingly accepted and challenge the dogmas. This requires multiple skills in a flourishing culture.
In Dogma Alares, with our different talent profiles in four pillar, we are building the next-generation consulting culture. 
These principles are shaping our culture going forward. This, we believe, a well-grounded point to demonstrate that we value our talent and we will attend to any issues that may emerge in this front effectively driven by our principles. We focus on six cultural principles:
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Focus on Value
We seek ways extracting value, exploring innovation, and achieving excellence in delivery to solve customer problems.
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Respect for People
We debate respectfully to understand and welcome diversity. We acknowledge differences of opinions and perspectives. 
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Path 260.png
Continuous Improvement
We inspire trust through honesty in our words, consistency in our actions and transparency in our discussions.
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Openness for Ideas
We support meritocracy and encourage never-ending curiosity, learning and improvement for pushing our standards  higher.
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Autonomy and Collaboration
We listen carefully and also speak up our minds to cultivate objectivity and constructive criticism.
We take ownership and accept responsibilities to make decisions and implement them. We collaborate with others in thinking and executing.
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