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Dogma Alares Manifesto

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Management Consulting is dying! Long live next-generation consultants.

Fortunes are gained and lost faster than ever. Consumers are adapting new products, services and technologies fast. The best solutions get adapted and grow in large scale. The mediocre ones are dropped by consumers at an even faster rate. Companies are struggling to design and implement the winning solutions. They sometimes do not even have time and capability to analyze why they lost. Time and resources are scarce, and solutions are numerous as well as often interrelated.

In this environment, companies expect consulting teams to come up with great solutions that are implementable at a fast pace. Consulting profession is under pressure because it has not been able to respond to the unprecedented changes in technology and analytics. They neither have the relevant skill sets to understand the exact nature of change nor respond by developing new methodologies and assets. Some consulting firms are quite aware of the situation and responded by acquiring technology and analytics firms. Among entrepreneurs, the typical conclusion after an acquisition is: “how long will it take before all employees of the acquired firm leave?”. On paper, these capabilities look easy to be acquired by large consulting firms.

However, it is only a matter of time before their corporate cultures spit out the best talent coming from these brilliant start-ups and scale-ups.

With Dogma Alares, we are building the next-generation consulting culture. We observe that brilliant firms challenging the industry dogmas and serving their customers in a better way are created by doing two things: bringing multiple skill sets in a flourishing culture for all and enabling them to work towards a common goal. This is quite different than acquiring a team of new talent and putting them in a silo in your large organization.

We invested in four different talent groups to create the next-generation consulting firm, Dogma Alares:

1. Management consultants

… specialized in an industry and a functional area. Good old industry and functional expertise are highly appreciated by the customers but not enough if they do not have an executioner mindset. So, we incorporate “entrepreneur-in-residents” who bring the doer mentality of the new digital world. One customer said “I want a new breed consulting team that not only have the courage and knowledge to challenge me but also show me a prototype of a solution at a face pace. Slides are dead.”

2. Service designers

… develop solutions that are highly adoptable by employees and consumers. They integrate design thinking as a natural part of all consulting projects. They should be supported by field research and UI / UX experts.

3. Machine learning experts

… are the pioneers of the fast democratizing AI / ML world. They know how to find and use already developed and tested models of exponentially growing open source libraries. They can analyze data fast and help us integrate the outcome of these models in decision making processes. On top of that, cloud computing has changed the paradigm of “this model is taking too long to solve”.

4. New IT aka. Full-stack developers

… specific and flexible cloud applications are bringing multi-level benefits compared to old-stack platform software/ modules. New full-stack developers create digital applications that have shorter development cycle, easily integrated and happily used by employees and consumers. Customers have lost faith in big-bang solutions that have 24 months development time frame with unclear benefits.

The Roman army had small troops on the wings which were intelligent and fast: alares. Their agile actions informed and shaped the whole operation. Alares were focused on delivering on time and against all obstacles.

Dogma Alares is a new generation consulting firm. We help you discuss the unspoken and accepted behaviors in your firm so that the points of resistance are identified and a solution specific to your firm is developed. Our team is diverse in skill set in order to develop highly sophisticated yet easily usable solutions for you.


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