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Career Opportunities 
In Dogma Alares, with our different talent profiles, we are building the next-generation strategy consulting culture. 
Career Steps at Dogma Alares
Expectations from all five levels are clearly defined and communicated internally so that each consultant can plan for the next level.

Five Career Levels at Dogma Alares

Associate, “the rookie”
  • Candidates with 0 to 3 years of experience
  • Academically excellent and highly analytical
  • Have high curiosity and learning agility
Consultant, “the assassin”
  • Owner of a workstream, backbone of a client project
  • Has ability to organise Associates and customer teams around deliverables
  • Listens more than speaks
  • Ensures high quality and fast delivery
Case Manager, “the problem solver”
  • Takes a problem and develops a solution
  • Inspires and organizes project teams, customer teams and senior people around value creation
  • Has functional and industry expertise
Principal, “large program manager”
  • Either a transition role from Case Manager to Partner by proving partnership capabilities
  • Or a landing role to manage tough and large customer programs

Partner, “the enabling entrepreneur”
  • Creates and develops teams
  • Develops new services
  • Opens and manages accounts
  • Develops trust-based relationship with C-level leaders
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