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Career Opportunities 
In Dogma Alares, with our different talent profiles, we are building the next-generation strategy consulting culture. 
Interview Process

You can find the open positions on our website and LinkedIn. When submitting an application, please make sure your resume and cover letter are crafted to highlight your accomplishments and showcase how your skills fit with the needs of the role you are applying for. 

Interview Structure


Pre-assessment (Tests and video questions)

Evaluation of critical skills such as numerical, verbal reasoning and EQ followed by video questions


Culture-fit interview

 Evaluation of how much your values fit with Dogma Alares Values


Case interviews

Two-three case interviews with Dogma Alares case managers, and partners

Preparing for DA Interviews

For both case and culture-fit interviews, practice is the best way to prepare. You can use MBA casebooks, find free consulting example cases, and online platforms with good tips.
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